What a confusing week. Am I old-old? Or merely oldish but vulnerable? Perhaps I am not any particular age—just a healthy mature person getting on with a most satisfying life. So which is it Marjorie?

In a few days I will leave for my 60th High School reunion in Northome, Minnesota—part of the reason for the road trip north. Per classmate communications, I’ve discovered that 10 of my 20 classmates have died. I pause as I write that today even though I’ve had the information for at least a week. It’s a reality that’s been floating through all of my thoughts, lurking just over my shoulder, interrupting my sleep—it is information I didn’t want.

Then, later this week, I learned one of my Albuquerque buddies of many years, who has been recovering from a ‘wrenched’ shoulder or back, is in a long-term care facility—temporarily a family member says but still…

All reasons enough for me to feel vulnerable. Actually I’m scared to death.

On the other hand, this is a week in which I’ve applied to reactivate my LMSW (licensed master social worker) license; submitted the applications for travel visas to Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal and India; and purchased a new car. I’m just remembering we live in an era of “fake news” so perhaps I’ll consider those sobering facts about classmates and friends and age to be “fake information.” With that thought in mind let me order an economy-size bottle of rejuvenating cream from Amazon and go out to dance the night away. Or at least stay up until 10pm.

Ageing has not been a bad passage so thank you my existentialist “gods” for life so far, and here’s a photo of my new car (even though it appears a Ford Focus is not enough to assuage my fear of ageing and death—possibly a Lexus would have done the trick?).

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